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What to look for in a Microsoft Teams Consultant

It is very likely that at this point in time your organization has deployed Microsoft 365 to enhance your employee’s ability to work from home. The correct adoption of Microsoft Teams as the central hub for collaboration is essential in providing your employees with a seamless experience when working remotely. If you are one of the many Boston businesses that are looking for a Microsoft Teams consultant to help you address governance, policies, adoption, and management challenges here are three capabilities you should look for in a Teams Consultant. 

An Experienced Technology Advisor

Here you want to find a technology advisor that not only holds a Microsoft certification but that also has experience with multiple technology architectures and vendors. Yes, I know what you are thinking “I only need help with Teams”, and that might be right. However, if your Teams Consultant doesn’t understand how the network works and how to optimize the performance of out-of-network connections, your employees might find performance issues when using Microsoft Teams outside the office in a WFH environment.  

Additionally, as your end-users adopt Microsoft 365 and Teams, specific needs around cloud security and management will arise. Partnering with a Microsoft Teams Consultant that also has a robust IT team to support the overall help-desk, monitoring, and management, and that’s able to offer remote and onsite support is the way to go. 

A Comprehensive Adoption Program

The key to increasing adoption of Microsoft Teams is to anticipate the business-specific use cases and to have a plan to demonstrate those use-cases early on. Finding a Microsoft Teams consultant that has experience running a comprehensive adoption program will ensure you receive examples of use cases, end-user training, and advice that is tailored to the needs of your organization. 

For example, Teams governance plays a crucial role in whether Teams is a success. A good Microsoft Teams consultant can help businesses manage corporate information by executing processes, roles, controls, and metrics that treat “Information” as a valuable business asset. 

A comprehensive adoption service touches on the following areas:

  • Use case definitions
  • Champions program
  • Training program
  • Communication program
  • Support program
  • Governance program

You can also read our blog “Tips for setting up Microsoft Teams” to get tips on configuration, end-user training, and governance. 


Microsoft Cloud Security Expertise

Teams will hold sensitive data and information and therefore having sound governance policies and document controls is one step in enforcing security best practices, however, there is far more to security than the features found within Teams alone.

In our “Three tips from a Microsoft Security Consultant” blog, we talked about security features included in Microsoft 365 for authentication and access, as well as device management. Although these features are easily integrated into the Microsoft 365 Security Center, SMBs struggle configuring and managing these. 

A Microsoft Cloud Security expert can help your business overcome the initial configuration challenges, and continuously and proactively manage your Microsoft 365 and Teams security vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, if you’ve recently deployed Teams for your organization – we can help! As a Microsoft Solution Provider and with more than 15 years of proven experience as an IT Managed Service Provider in Boston, Casserly lets you take advantage of Microsoft Teams in a way that works best for your unique business challenges, ensures successful user adoption, rapid deployment, achieving greater business outcomes. 



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