Garland Building Company is a full-service, corporate interiors construction management firm thatserves clients large and small with attentiveness, responsiveness, and the good planning and decision-making that have become the trademark of the firm. 

A Beneficial Partnership

In 2018, Garland Building Company relied on an IT firm that didn’t understand the construction industry well, or in Garland’s technology needs.

“Network performance and cybersecurity were a major concern and we weren’t getting the access to all the technology resources we needed so we decided to transition to a new MSP (managed service provider) and that’s when our partnership with Casserly began”.  – Amy Brodbine, Controller at Garland Building Company. 

Casserly Consulting fixed their network performance issues and improved Garland’s cybersecurity posture. From running network assessments to penetration testing, spam testing, and spoofing, making the network environment more stable and secure was the priority.

All the backend work that Casserly’s team completed in the past 18 months is now paying dividends. Our team is not only now well trained and educated in many aspects of technology functions and capabilities but our cybersecurity concerns have been vastly diminished all due to Casserly’s services.  Our team can ascertain what’s garbage and what’s real and understand the proper protocol when we suspect something.” – Amy Brodbine

Casserly’s Help During Covid-19

As a business based out of Boston, Garland was quickly affected by the outbreak. In early March decisions had to be made on whether to send their complete workforce to work from home. At the moment Casserly Consulting was completing the terminal server for them; a project that was highly prioritized and fully configured and tested in less than two weeks.

“The few hiccups we had were more related to end-users not knowing how to authenticate into the server, or using their home laptops to connect to Teams, etc. Luckily, before this crisis, we had been investing in technology so solutions for telecommuting, remote access, and even Microsoft Teams were already implemented” said Amy.

Today, Garland’s staff continues to work from home, and their network is supporting a load of remote connections securely.

“Being in a time like this, it really has put a new perspective on how thankful we are to have Casserly as a partner. We would be completely derailed if we didn’t have the technology resources through Casserly’s team”. – Amy Brodbine