A Smarter Approach to Improving Security

Most breaches happen when we rely solely on software and firewalls to oversee cyber security. The problem is that software setup guides are geared towards making access “OPEN,” and if worse case scenarios aren’t anticipated, many networks are left vulnerable to ransomware, control and command attacks and much more.

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Security Needs are Changing

Companies who rely solely in Administrators for security stand to benefit the most from this analysis. Our cyber security assessment is conducted by credentialed cyber security experts who understand how hackers crack defenses typical defense layers.


  • Honest evaluation of current security posture
  • Actionable plan aligned to industry threats, timeline and budget
  • Presented in business terms, not just a to-do list
  • 1 to 2-week analysis turnaround*

*expedited results are available upon request

Data Gathering

  • Understanding your business
  • Performing network scans
  • Searching web for publicly-available sensitive information

Gaps Analysis

Gaps in best practices:

  • Protecting from threats
  • Detecting incidents
  • Responding to incidents

Practical Solutions

  • Interactive, consultative executive briefing behind “closed doors”
  • Prioritized, actionable recommendations
  • Supportive documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Security Assessments and Analysis Reports can be provided and ready for your review in as little as 1-2 weeks.

The Casserly Assessment Team has many years experience performing security assessments + industry leading certifications (Assessments performed by personnel with one or more of the following certifications: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner, Certified Cloud Security Professional, Security+, Network+, Systems Security Certified Professional, EC Council Certified Incident Handler, EC Council Certified Encryption Specialist, Web Security Associate.

The assessment concludes with an interactive executive briefing with prioritized findings and guidance for security maturity. After the briefing, the written summary and any supporting documentation will be delivered in-person or online by Casserly Consulting's team.

  • Administrative access to a Microsoft Active Directory domain environment.
  • 30-60 min. of a business leader’s time for contextual interviews.

Liabilities and risks vary from business to business, and the Cyber Security Assessment serves as a compass, giving meaningful direction for security efforts. You can buy security add-ons/services/monitoring with or without an assessment, honestly, but if you are to meaningfully improve your security posture/maturity — and do it in a prioritized, cost-effective manner —, SOMEONE is going to have to take a holistic look at what your business is trying to accomplish and what’s being done (or NOT DONE) to secure you against the risks particularly relevant to your business model.

Let’s look to enterprises as our guide: In enterprise business, there’s a NOC (network operations center) and a SOC (security operations center). They’re staffed by different people and have different, but synergistic objectives. An MSP is like the NOC, who keeps things running, assists users, and maintains configurations. An MSP may perform a few SOC tasks, but that’s not their primary role. There is typically very little overlap in tasks and duties. There is a new term for MSPs that deliver security services: MSSP (managed security service provider). These entities may or may not overlap with traditional MSPs.

Assessments cost will vary depending on size and complexity of the business environment. Book a consultation to scope your assessment and receive an accurate quote fixed fee quote specifically for your environment.

We are located in Billerica, MA and perform security assessments to the entire greater Boston area.