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Microsoft Teams Rooms in Action

See how a 40 employee medical device company deployed 3 different teams room setups to bring efficiency back to meetings.

The Problem:

A medical device manufacturing company with 40 employees—was looking for an effective conference room solution that could allow different departments and individuals to collaborate and host meetings from various locations. The existing setup, which involved a large wall-mounted television connected via HDMI to a laptop, was difficult to configure, resulting in poor audio and video quality. Meetings were suffering from poor technology.

The Conference Rooms:

To improve the experience, they hired Casserly to implement Microsoft Teams Rooms– an extension of the software Microsoft Teams but for your conference rooms.  Casserly equipped the conference rooms with specific Teams ready audio and video devices. Modernizing the meeting experience and enabling them to book, join, and host meetings with ease.

The Sales Team:

The sales team at had a similar challenge. They often held office-wide meetings to review goals, track progress, and discuss strategy with leadership members of the organization. However, using only one laptop or workstation caused confusion and interference during calls without being able to share screens or view presentation material properly.

To overcome this issue, they opted for a Microsoft Teams Room set up as well: equipped with a large screen TV display along with a camera that could cover the whole office space. This allowed them to efficiently hold department wide meetings with members based inside or outside of their premises while also allowing them to collaboratively review information on one centralized display. Additionally, audio devices enabled everyone in the office or in another location to hear each other clearly during meetings.

The CEO:

The CEO was also facing difficulty during his frequent meetings from his office: he did not have a reliable way of participating in virtual conversations while still engaging in face-to-face interactions via his camera nor was he able to effectively view multiple screens while presenting. To improve this issue, they opted for a Microsoft Teams Room set up which offered him a full view of his office space and a larger displayed along with enhanced audio capabilities that could pick sounds coming from anywhere within his workspace—enabling him to use all areas of his office when participating in virtual conferences without having to look away from people on the call while still being able to check other resources through his monitors as well.

Microsoft Teams Rooms comes in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any space. From bustling conference rooms with large numbers of attendees to intimate offices designed specifically for efficiency – no matter what kind you choose, your meetings will get an upgrade! You can enjoy reliable experiences everywhere while unlocking improved productivity and creativity throughout each room.

Start enjoying your meetings again. Contact Casserly to learn more about Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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