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Helpful Suggestions to Improve Password Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_password_security_400.jpg Passwords are important for any online account (and for most accounts in general). Sometimes they might feel like inconveniences, but it’s crucial to remember that these passwords are often the first line of defense, if not the only line of defense, that stands between your data and hackers. We’ll discuss ways that you can augment password security with other powerful measures.

There are two major ways that you can improve password security; two-factor authentication and password managers.

Two-Factor Authentication
2FA provides organizations and users with secondary credentials that can protect their network or online accounts. This type of protection can come in the form of an SMS message, a phone call, or an email sending you a secondary credential. You then enter this code into the app or service, and since you know without a doubt that only you could have access to this code, you can practically guarantee that you’re the only one accessing your account.

Basically, the biggest way this helps your organization is by making it as hard as possible for hackers to infiltrate your network and company accounts. When you involve devices like smartphones with two-factor authentication, you make it much more difficult for hackers, as they would need access to two different devices rather than just one. Reach out to COMPANYNAME and ask us about our two-factor authentication solutions.

Password Managers
A good password is often long and complex, consisting of several different types of characters, numbers, and letters. As you might expect, these types of passwords are rather difficult to remember. Plus, since you can’t (or shouldn’t) use the same password for multiple accounts, you can easily use the password for another account on accident, eventually leading to an account lockout. This is both frustrating and unnecessary. Alternatively, you can keep track of your passwords using a password manager, allowing you to use complex passwords without any problems.

An enterprise-level password manager from COMPANYNAME can allow your organization to take advantage of complex passwords. Your passwords are stored in a secure encrypted database that shields them from hackers. Furthermore, you only pull the passwords as they are needed. There’s no better way to take advantage of complex passwords, as the password manager will keep track of multiple account credentials without you having to remember them.

COMPANYNAME can help your business with all of its password managing needs. To learn more, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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