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Back to Office Guidelines for Boston Businesses: The Safe-Six

Managing our businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic continues being one of the biggest challenges of our time. At this stage, a return to “regular” work is imminent for many of us across Boston and the country in general, but going back to the office can be dangerous if it’s mishandled.  

Employees are counting on your leadership to help them get back to work safely. Management teams will need to understand and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local orders as restrictions are eased. Since these rules vary by industry, and possibly by your exact location, we should anticipate a range of scenarios based on where mission-critical work takes place.

The following guidelines are a great way to start considering multiple scenarios for an eventual back-to-office move. They are meant to help management navigate this transition, making the best decisions possible for their workforce. The Back-to-Office Guidelines highlight the need to identify new protocols for deep cleaning and sanitization, changes to the layout of the workspace, such as moving workstations farther apart or changing employee schedules to reduce the number of people in buildings at one time.

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