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Remember Everything from Everywhere with Evernote

b2ap3_thumbnail_f7a0a54c92471ac4480e727e4ccf93df_XL.jpgAre you the kind of person who takes meticulous notes? Do you carry around a pen and pad with you so you never forget a single line item from meetings, presentations, or your grocery list? Enter Evernote, a free application that gives you can easy-to-use note taking solution that syncs your notes across multiple devices.

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How Safe is Your Email?

b2ap3_thumbnail_867519228d1d5325856fc61d710ded0e_XL.jpgEmail is (and has been) a prime method of communication for businesses of all sizes. With email comes a whole slew of issues that are essentially synonymous with the technology; spam, information overload, phishing, and information privacy. Even Woburn small businesses that only do business locally are at risk of these issues. Personal email accounts are equally at risk. Employing proper precautions and practices whenever communicating via email is very important to prevent the risk of security compromises, monetary loss, and even legality issues.

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Online Shopping Safety

b2ap3_thumbnail_fa55c8bad0e242eb7986dc1135b50adb_XL.jpgStill haven't found all the right gifts for this holiday season? You are on your own there - but we CAN help ensure a safe online shopping experience. Internet shopping has become widely popular over the years, and this year retailers have seen a big increase in mobile transactions as well. Consumers can skip the lines and the crowds and save a lot of cash in the process. Online shopping is generally safe, although there are a few tips you'll want to be aware of before going virtual shopping this holiday season.

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Website Cookies - Do you know your legal responsibilities as a business owner?

b2ap3_thumbnail_c889234799e865bbe90cee71f6cd2e53_XL.jpgMay 2011 ushered in a new era for the UK on how companies monitor website traffic. Companies in the UK can no longer use third party cookies to monitor behaviour on websites. This may come as a relief to users but will undoubtedly cause problems for many organisations. For those uncertain about what cookies actually are, or have visions of keyboards covered in crumbs, a cookie is a piece of code designed to feed information back to the original site.
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How To Choose Very Strong Passwords That Are Easy To Remember

What makes a password strong is the combination of different alphanumeric, special characters, and capitalization that you use, and of course the length of the password.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to remember and type an epistle when I fill out a password field. And, ideally, I don't want to use the same password on many sites, because if one is compromised then my entire life is unlocked.

I want to show you here how to choose very strong passwords for every website that you use, that are different for each website, and are each only 9 characters in length max.

A study found that an 8-character password that's constructed in the manner I'm going to show you has 7.2 quadrillion different combinations, and will take 83.5 days to crack if the hacker can try 1 billion different passwords per second.

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Will You Find A Silver Lining In Your Cloud?

Cloud computing is one of the largest growing areas in the IT industry. The concept of “Cloud Computing” refers to the hosting of a server or an application by a third party in an offsite location accessed via the Internet. The premise is that the vendor will not only provide the client with a reliable experience, but one that will be resistant to downtime and data loss.

Personally, I know that the Insurance industry has been enjoying the benefits of cloud computing for many years. But what are the caveats and recent concerns garnered by those enrolled in these online services?

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Welcome to Our Blog

Casserly Consulting L.L.C. began with the idea that superior support for businesses is not an impossible feat. Possibilities are actually rather limitless in the new ways we can find to help your company manage its IT support and computer services to provide the best solutions for clients.  With this in mind, we've launched our corporate blog to further help you get the most from your services and enhance your online presence. 

Our blog will stay posted on our latest features and updates, useful tech news, as well as tips and best practices for running your business more effectively.

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What Are The Signs Your PC Has Malware?

Your computer has been terrific—it opens files fast, connects to the Internet quickly, and gets onto the network lickety-split. But now, your machine will not connect to the Internet when you tell it to, it opens up porno websites and gives you pop-ups telling you that your machine has been infected. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to see that something has infected your system. Now, what?

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Quick Tech Productivity Pointers

Multitasking has become one of the buzzwords of the twenty-first century. Did you know that your browser lets you multitask, too? Most modern browsers (IE8, Firefox, and Safari) provide the user with a rich interface that allows for multiple windows to be open in the same browser at once. “How is this miracle performed?” you may ask. If you look at the tab shown in the image above, you will see on its right side is a smaller tab. If you place your mouse over it, you will see the option to open a new tab. Click on this tab and a new window will open within the current browser. By clicking on the tabs or pressing the TAB key while depressing the CTRL key, you may cycle through the existing opened windows in your browser. Do you want even more tricks? Once you have multiple windows opened in the browser, you may then notice a new icon to the left of the tabs with a down arrow. This button’s down arrow allows you to open any one window that you want without using the “cycle-thru” method. Click on the button itself and you will see your tabbed windows displayed all together on one screen. In that screen, you may close or activate any of the windows using your mouse. If you prefer to see your tabs in a particular order, you may drag them in order to rearrange them. Having multiple tabs may enhance your day. You can do the same with multiple Home Pages, but that may slow down the initial response of your browser.

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Your Company's Social Media Policy

The time to implement a social media policy is now.

Your social media policy outlines for employees your companies guidelines or principles for communicating in the online world.  Your company should have a communications policy in place that spell out your expectations for phone and email, it’s important that you add social media and online site usage to this policy.

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Refining the Spamming Process For More Hits

Remember the vignette performed by Monty Python’s Flying Circus in which two diners float down into a dive filled with Vikings for a breakfast that doesn’t have much SPAM® in it? Back in the 1970’s, the word “spam” had a much different meaning than it does today

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Protect Yourself with Secure Passwords

b2ap3_thumbnail_ffee2447b152494b43d9816faaea83c8_XL.jpgDespite the increasingly vast trust we put into the Internet to keep our personal and business information safe and secure, many users take their passwords very lightly. In an analysis studying over 32 million passwords from RockYou, a company that develops software for social networks, it's been discovered just how little effort is put in to keep things secure. The results are shocking.

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